When You’re in a Funk…

It seems lately that I’ve been in somewhat of a funk…with my lifting, with work, and just in general dealing with life….

We all have those seasons, don’t we? Those times when things feel off. We try our hardest to be positive, we hang on for dear life knowing that better times will be ahead, we know that it is just a phase and yet everything seems difficult.


Life is hard. Adulting sometimes really sucks. Situations occur that are out of your control. People react badly and don’t realize that you have good intentions. People hurt your feelings and your heart. Crazy silly obstacles pop up. Everyday minutia starts to drag you down.

So what do you do?

In life, this is bound to happen; things are not always sunshine and roses.  LOL…  I feel blessed and thankful that I’ve been through this enough times now to know that I’ll come out the other side eventually and things will be just fine once again. I have great faith that things will get better. I’m not one to typically stay sad long, so when this does happen it tends to throw me off balance. I’m a positive, active person and most of the time things don’t get me down. But when I am down and out, there are a few things that always help me work my way through it:

  • My workouts: I have to admit that this time my lifting is part of my funk.  Ha! It’s been a combination of things. I hurt my lat/shoulder muscle due to overuse taking a kayaking class and doing a million breathing back squats (which I loved!)…and it’s just taking a while for my angry muscle to work itself out.  And yes, I’ve been taking care of it by adjusting my workouts when needed, chiropractic care and massages – some things just take time to get back to 100%. We have also been doing a 4-week hypertrophy cycle, which for whatever reason, is not my favorite. AND…my coach just informed me we will be doing it for another 4-week cycle.  Boo…dislike…  LOL… The one thing that definitely remains true is I love the days we deadlift and I love the people I lift with. So there is that. I’ve also been sad because I’ve missed several workouts over the past 2 weeks just due to life getting in the way…and that’s rare for me.  I did get a bit of “redemption” last week when I hit a new PR on my front squats…!!!  😉


  • Time with caring friends:  And not just spending time with caring friends, but also seeking out time with friends who understand the particular situations you might be going through.  This is where I feel extremely blessed.  I have a whole variety of friends who can help with a huge spectrum of dilemmas – biking friends, photography friends, friends with aging parents, friends with grown kids, friends who have faced similar work challenges, friends who have hit the wall in workouts, etc.  Having a close circle of friends that you can trust, call upon for advice, and who will reassure you when times are tough is so critical.  Sometimes you start feeling a little bit crazy like you might be losing your mind. Chatting with a good friend can help ground you again in reality and the person you know you truly are. They understand your heart and reassure you that you make good choices and truly are good at this adulting thing.
  • Get away (if possible): After a particularly rough and emotional week both personally and at work, it ended up being amazingly good timing that my hubby and I had planned a weekend away to Crosby, MN to relax and ride the Cuyuna MTB Trails.

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  • Good self care: Things like sleep, being kind to yourself, maybe splurging on something little like your favorite coffee…little things become life preservers, keeping you afloat.  Sleep becomes critical to me; I’m a person that needs a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night anyway. When life gets rough or I’m extremely stressed, that becomes more like 9 hours. Quiet time or down time becomes even more important during these times.  I have to force myself to get off social media and just read a book or take a walk outside without headphones.


  • Jornaling/Prayer: Sometimes the best therapy is to just get it all out by writing it down.  This often helps me clear my mind. I also pray more when I’m stuck…and this often looks like quiet time at church or walking outside with Kona.
  • Who You Spend Time With: This somewhat goes hand-in-hand with spending time with caring friends, but really takes it one step further. When you are hurting or down in the dumps, it really matters WHO you spend time with. Are the people surrounding you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution? Can they listen, empathize, reassure, and be present for you in your time of need…whatever that need might be at the moment? My best advice to those going through tough times is to intentionally seek out friends that you know will be in your corner and give you the type of support you need at the time.  These are the times to surround yourself with those who truly love you – despite any shortcomings. During tough times, I always want to talk about my troubles with my husband, Brian first – it doesn’t seem real and I can’t work through whatever is bothering me until I tell him all about it.


  • Opt Outside: #optoutside is a huge “movement” right now, but for me, this has always been a tried and true remedy for what ails me.  Fresh crisp fall air and getting outside where I can breathe always helps – even if it’s just for those moments.  I try to find things to do that involve being outdoors doing the things I love – whether its taking photos, watching friends racing bikes (hello, Spooky Cross!), or taking my dog, Kona, for a walk. Fresh air for me is always refreshing to the soul and also helps me sleep better.


Life is messy. Life is hard. Find your people…


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