Turning the Big Five Zero…

This year on December 30th, I will be 50 years old…and honestly it’s been bothering me and probably taking up more head space than is warranted…


I’m not sure why (for me) but 50 seems like a big number. It’s a milestone for sure and I have a few fun celebrations plans. I know that I really WANT to embrace it and have been contemplating just how I might go about doing that.  And I need your help…

Here’s the thing…it’s sort of scary to me. 50 is a big number. I don’t feel 50 years old. How did this happen already?! I have so many more things I want to do and experience.  So I really would like to make it a fun journey and a birthday year to remember but I seem to be lacking fabulous ideas. Maybe it’s more that there are too many ideas floating around my head.  LOL…

My sister and I both have milestone birthdays in the next year, so one thing I’m doing for sure is taking a vacation with her to celebrate. We both love fall and doing something involving outdoors, a vacation house, and hiking…so we’ve landed on North Carolina near Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway in October 2019.  We’ll be past the Smoky Mountains, but near plenty of forests, parks, etc. (excited to explore Pisgah National Forest).  We are excited to explore Asheville and tour the Biltmore Estate.

What I’m more looking for is a way to “build the excitement” around my birthday day and year.  I thought about doing some type of “50 to 50” type countdown…perhaps 50 days to 50, where I do something each day.  But what should that something be?

I’m also hoping to read 50 books in my 50th birthday year – that’s sort of a “given” goal.  LOL… And probably do a 50th birthday workout with my lifting pals.  🙂

What ideas do you have?  I want to hear about them!  Comment on this blog, on my Facebook post, or send me a message!  🙂



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