50 Fun Things on the Way to 50 Years Old

Last time I wrote about some of my angst over my upcoming 50th birthday.  You guys rock!  I got several fun ideas from that post. Stay tuned for more to come over 2019 on what I’m up to throughout my 50th year!!

One thing that I had already started this year was to track 50 fun things that I’ve been doing, learning, experiencing, or appreciating throughout 2018 on my way to my 50th birthday.  I wanted to make sure I wrote it down and at the end of the year could remember and smile as I looked back over the fun things that I did.  They were not always big things…in fact, often they were small things…or precious moments spent with friends…  I tagged my list with the subtitle “Living Life and Loving It!”…

Here’s the list I tracked over the year…although I’m sure there were many more moments as well:

1 Trying & loving Powerlifting 1-Jan
2 Ride along with my friend Jennifer to take her daughter, Bekah, her stuff after winter break…so much fun chatting for hours and going out to lunch with Bekah 7-Jan
3 Splurged and bought leather book purse with a bookish theme


4 Scrapbook weekend in Newton

5 Bought a new car, Subaru Crostrek


6 Tried my first #24in48 or 24in48 readathon 27-Jan
7 Went with Brian to Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone at the Des Moines Symphony (where they play along live with the movie) 2-Feb
8 Season tickets to the Des Moines Symphony with my friend Sarah


9 Participate in a Bench Press Clinic (in preparation for #18) 10-Feb
10 Valentine’s Day Beer & Dessert Pairing at Reclaimed Rails with Brian

11 Participate in a Deadlift Clinic (in preparation for #18) 17-Mar
12 Volunteer photographer at the Animal Rescue League’s Goat Yoga


13 Between the Wines Book Club sponsored by Plot Twist Book Store and held at WineStyles in Ankeny – tried this for the first time in April with my friend Alie

14 Hung out at the Gents Race while Brian took pictures…such a fun day with friends! 7-Apr
15 Spring in the Smokies Photo Workshop with Sarah, Dave & Mark


16 Ready Player One with Brian at Flix Brewhouse; this was neat as we had both read the book first 20-Apr
17 First lifting competition = Women’s Barbell Classic


18 Lifting, Biking & Learn to Curl with Katie

19 First camping with Brian & family – Red Rock

20 Shooting my first (non-family) wedding celebration – Jen & Adam Carolan


21 Went MTB on my fattie at Whiterock Conservancy with Lee 28-May
22 Shooting pics at the last Dam to Dam 2018 for Jolesch 2-Jun
23 Hiking at Ledges & Winestyles — fun spontaneous day with my friend Kerrie 3-Jun
24 Shooting Senior Pics (Connor, Stephen, Lexi, Jake) 10-Jun
25 Beer & Ice Cream Pairing w/Brian


26 Clean & Jerk Clinic at CF8035 9-Jun
27 MTB at Cuyuna by myself when Brian & I were there in June


28 Painting with a Twist with Dawn & Alie


29 Galena by myself for #24in48 weekend

30 Cheese 101 class with Stephanie 30-Jul
31 Kayaking Fundamentals with Brian at Lake Ahquabi


32 Bingo at the ARL with Susan 21-Aug
33 Surprise engagement photo session (Renee & Dennis)

34 Fall Bags League with Brian (Amy, John, Cathy, Jamie, Mary, Mark, Pam) 29-Aug
35 Harvest at Summerset Winery with Sarah 1-Sep
36 Cuyuna MTB Trails for a week with friends (Brian, Mary, Mark, Cathy, Jamie, Amy, John, Pam, Phil) 8-Sep
37 Women’s MTB Clinic in Cuyuna with the Mary, Cathy, Amy, Pam 9-Sep
38 Bought new carbon fat bike! (Blue Thunder)


39 Scrapbook weekend in Newton (cards only!) 21-Sep
40 Photo shoots for Volunteer Iowa (Everybody Wins! Iowa) 25-Sep
41 Took pictures of Natalie’s horse farm – a first for me!

42 Rather spontaneous additional vacation trip to Cuyuna with Brian 12-Oct
43 Sprinkles & Sips Cupcake Decorating with Sarah


44 Mistress Brewing Opening with Lee 19-Oct
45 Found out I’m going to be a grandma!!!!


46 Prayer & Praise Night at Hope Ankeny (production team) 2-Nov
47 Lightroom Class with Bryan Hansel in St. Paul, MN 10-Nov
48 String Art Class with Sarah (camera designs!) 18-Nov
49 Crafts & Cocktails (make ornaments) with Sarah 9-Dec
50 Ultrasound with Katie and Jake!!! 15-Dec

These are just 50 things…it’s by no means a comprehensive list or representative of all the great memories I’ve made with friends and family over this year.  It’s just a sampling of the many amazing things I get to do in this journey called life!  🙂 #soblessed #imtheluckyone #familyfriendslove #50to50


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